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    What is Talent Management

    The strategic and systematic approach to attracting, developing, retaining, and optimizing the skills and abilities of individuals (talents) who are part of the Enigma Camp community. In the context of Enigma Camp, talent management is specifically focused on individuals who are part of or engage with the Enigma Camp ecosystem, which includes students, educators, industry professionals, and enthusiasts in the field of information technology and tech education.

    Why Manage Through Us?

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    Experienced Hiring Team

    Our hiring team dedicates time to comprehensively understand our clients' needs and job requirements. This approach ensures a perfect fit, connecting you with the ideal candidates for your organization.

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    Finest Employee Management

    We provide the best employee management team focusing on encouraging effective leadership, streamlined communication, and a supportive culture that enables your employees to thrive

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    Professional Coaching and Monitoring

    We provide professional coaching, mentoring, and continuous monitoring services. We keep a close eye on the progress, challenges, and achievements of your employees, ensuring their ongoing development and success.


    1. Pre-Recruitment

    We know it's important to find and keep great people. That's why we match candidates to your company's needs and benefits.

    2. Recruitment

    In addition to our core services, we also offer recruitment assistance to help you finding the best candidates for your open positions

    5. Fundamental Class

    As a potential registrant, you have the opportunity to try and review the study materials before making any contractual obligations.

    4. Complete Personal Data

    Complete your personal information in the designated fields.This information is required to process your registration.

    3. Offering Letter & Contract

    We know it's essential to find and keep great people. That's why we match candidates to your company.

    Career Support

    You’ll never walk alone

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    Behavioral Event Interview
    This intervention is specifically designed to measure and understand talent's behavior related to work ability competencies
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    Attitude Competency
    Based on some study cases, we're going to find out more about your ability to deal with what has happened, is happening or migh




    A question you might be ask about Enigmacamp


    Enigma Camp is an IT training centre (bootcamp) at Jl. H. Dahlan No. 75 Ragunan, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta with head office at Gran Rubina Business Park, Generali Tower Lt. 20, Jalan HR Rasuna Said - Jakarta.


    Enigma Camp 2.0 is a digitized version of our training system. The entire process can be accessed online from anywhere and at any time through Enigma Camp


    Of course! Enigma Camp has a vision to reduce the skill gap between high school/vocational high school/university graduates/equivalent and industry needs. Therefore, we strive to provide free facilities for anyone who has the potential to become programmers.


    You can just go to Enigma Camp and fill in all of the requirements.


    Yes, you can. But you have to make sure that your college schedule won’t bother your work performance.

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