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    A Revolutionary Online Learning platform that focuses on developing Ready-to-Work talents for the industry.

    Enigma Camp 2.0 Methods

    Methods that Enigma Camp have to help you to learn easily

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    Collaborative Learning

    You will automatically be a part of our learning community. Stay connected!

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    Instructor Led

    Our trainers will be with you through scheduled meetings every month.

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    Self Paced

    Free access to all learning materials anywhere, anytime!

    Why Join Enigma Camp 2.0?


    Number of Graduates


    Graduates Hiring Opportunity


    Hiring Partners

    the future of learning
    The Future of Learning

    Experience future-focused learning at Enigma Camp 2.0 Online Bootcamp. We blend self-paced, instructor-led, and collaborative methods for a comprehensive learning experience.

    the future of learning
    Expert Trainers & Curriculum

    Our trainers and up-to-date curriculum ensure a top-notch learning experience, keeping you ahead of industry standards.

    the future of learning
    Job Connector

    With up to 98% of success placement rate, we will help you find job opportunities with one of our hiring partners.

    And all that for


    Road Map

    roadmap enigma camp
    Road Map
    roadmap enigma camp

    1. Registration

    In this process, your data will be thoroughly processed. If you are eligible to join, our team will immediately direct you for admission.

    2. Account Activation

    Activating your account, you'll gain access to valuable resources, course materials, and a supportive community of fellow trainees.

    3. Choose Program

    Pick self-paced learning as the program you're going to enroll.

    4. Choose Syllabus

    Choose the learning material that you want to learn.

    5. Complete Personal Data

    Complete your personal information in the designated fields. This information is required to process your registration.

    6. Fundamental Class

    As a potential registrant, you have the opportunity to try and review the study materials before making any contractual obligations.

    7. Contract Signing

    To further legitimate your acceptance of our terms and conditions, you need to download and digitally sign the contract.

    8. Self Paced Learning

    Supporting the most comfortable learning rhythm, our online training program offers flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere you want.

    9. Incubation

    We also provide you online scheduled meetings with our trainers.

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    Who is it for?

    Fresh Graduates

    Kickstart your careers. From practical skills to industry insights, we're here to help you transition from the classroom to the workplace with confidence.

    Career Switcher

    Discover a chance to change your career, start a new journey, gain important skills and knowledge, transition successfully, and reach your professional goals.

    Job Seeker

    You’ll discover opportunities, refine your skills, and connect with potential employers through our network of partners.

    Study Program

    Several program that you can choose according to our need

    Career Support

    You’ll never walk alone

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    Behavioral Event Interview
    This intervention is specifically designed to measure and understand talent's behavior related to work ability competencies.
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    Attitude Competency
    Based on some study cases, we're going to find out more about your ability to deal with what has happened, is happening or might happen, and not be stuck with habitual attitudes.

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    Complete the registration data as follows:  

    • Full name
    • Email
    • Date of birth
    • Passwords
    • Account Activation (via Email)

    After successfully logging in, continue with: 

    • Choosing the Type of Program (Self-Paced Learning)
    • Choosing Study Materials 
    • Completing Personal Data

    To access the course, make sure to sign a contract with the following steps:    

    • Reviewing the T&C Draft
    • Submitting a selfie (selfie) along with a picture of your KTP
    • Perform Digital Signature (via OTP)
    • Confirming Account Using Password

    Further details regarding registration can be accessed via the following link.  


    Enigma Camp 2.0 online training program uses 3 (three) methods, namely:

    1. Self Paced Learning (Independent Learning). Access learning materials via LMS.  Doing assignments/quiz online. Working on and submitting the final project.
    2. Instructor Led Learning Online guidance through ZOOM with trainers every Wednesday at 19.00 WIB.
    3. Collaborative Learning Interactive discussions with the Enigma Camp community via Discord. 


    Using the self-learning method, the duration of the Enigma Camp 2.0 training is adjusted to the learning speed of each trainee. However, all training modules must be completed within 3 (three) months. 


    According to the industry needs. Currently, the materials that can be chosen are:   

    • Golang   
    • Java  


    During the online training, laptops are the responsibility of each trainee. However, Enigma Camp will provide laptop facilities during the work placement process.

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