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    Here to connect you with your dream career, thrive in the professional world. Join us, and let's shape your future together.

    What is Experience Hiring

    Recruitment and employment strategy that places a strong emphasis on the qualifications and prior work history of job candidates. It involves selecting individuals for employment based on their demonstrated experience, skills, and achievements in a specific field or role.

    Why Join Enigma Camp Experienced Hiring


    Number of Graduates


    Graduates Hiring Opportunity


    Hiring Partners

    Career Pathway Partner

    We specialize in understanding your goals and needs to find the perfect opportunities that align with your career aspirations.

    Strategic Placements

    Our methodologies ensure the best candidate is selected for the job, optimizing the match between talents and roles.

    Job Connector Access

    With an efficient and effective job connect. We expedite the process of finding the right job, making it faster and easier for you to connect with promising opportunities.

    Vast Talent Network

    We've cultivated an extensive network of companies, organizations, and educational institutions. Our diverse range of options and increasing your chances of finding the perfect job.

    Who is it for ?

    Fresh Graduates

    Kickstart your careers. From practical skills to industry insights, we're here to help you transition from the classroom to the workplace with confidence.

    Career Switcher

    Looking to pivot your career and embark on a new journey? Unlock the skills and knowledge and make a successful transition and reach your professional goals.

    Job Seeker

    You’ll discover opportunities, refine your skills, and connect with potential employers through our network of partners.




    A question you might be ask about Enigmacamp


    Enigma Camp is an IT training centre (bootcamp) at Jl. H. Dahlan No. 75 Ragunan, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta with head office at Gran Rubina Business Park, Generali Tower Lt. 20, Jalan HR Rasuna Said - Jakarta.


    Enigma Camp 2.0 is a digitized version of our training system. The entire process can be accessed online from anywhere and at any time through Enigma Camp


    Of course! Enigma Camp has a vision to reduce the skill gap between high school/vocational high school/university graduates/equivalent and industry needs. Therefore, we strive to provide free facilities for anyone who has the potential to become programmers.


    You can just go to Enigma Camp and fill in all of the requirements.


    Yes, you can. But you have to make sure that your college schedule won’t bother your work performance.

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